Seafront restaurant

The Klaus Restaurant is located a few steps from the Cavallino beach.
It has outdoor tables and convenient outdoor parking.
The kitchen offers fish and meat dishes, and a wide selection of pizzas.
Ideal for families and as a conclusion to a relaxing day at the beach.


The specialties offered by the Klaus Restaurant meet the most diverse tastes. Whether you prefer meat, maybe on the grill, or want to taste the typical local fish dishes, or better still decide for the pizza because you like to try them all, Klaus will satisfy you. There are also specific menus for children and for customers with food intolerances.


Raw ham and melon
Caprese di bufala
Raw ham and buffalo mozzarella

of fish

Shrimp cocktail in salsarosa
Mussels marinara
Mixed fish appetizer
Octopus salad

First courses

of meat

Lasagna Bolognese
Spaghetti / penne / tomato gnocchi
Spaghetti / penne / gnocchi with ragù
Tortellini with cream and ham
Spaghetti with garlic, oil and hot peppers
Spaghetti alla carbonara

of fish

Spaghetti with clams
Spaghetti with mussels
Spaghetti with seafood

Second courses

of meat

Cutlet with fried potatoes
Ribs and sausage and fried potatoes
Mixed grill and fried potatoes
Beef entrecote with side dish

of fish

Fried squid with fried potatoes
Grilled cuttlefish with mixed salad
Mixed fry with fried potatoes


Venetian Zaeti with zabaione cream
Panna cotta
White / black truffle
Truffle with liqueur

Side Dishes

French fries
Baked potatoes
Beans with onion
Mixed salad
Tomato salad
Grilled vegetables


Salad, carrots, tomato, rocket, beans, parmesan flakes

Salad, cherry tomatoes, corn, carrots, ham, eggs, cheese, pink sauce

Salad, rocket, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, tuna, black olives


Wide variety of classic pizzas and house specialties


A selection of the best wines of our territory