By sea

Sailing alongside the coast you can discover the so-called “tegnùe”. These are nothing more than rocky outcrops that give hospitality to different types of marine organisms: starfish, sponges, crustaceans and others. It is possible to take an underwater tour with a guide who will help you discover the seabed of the upper Adriatic.

By bicycle

Enjoy a good bicycle ride with your family to freely discover the territory. We suggest that you do 4 itineraries: the way of the 3 waters, the way of the gardens and the lagoon, the way of the forts and the way of the sunset.

The way of 3 water

Length of 13.8 km, mixed terrain, medium difficulty, city bike – mountain bike – nordic walking.

The route touches the river Sile, the Adriatic Sea and the northern lagoon that fuse together giving you unique views with the most diverse shades of blue. It is a easy, quiet ring-route.

The way of the gardens and the lagoon

Length of 25.5 km, paved terrain, medium difficulty, city bike – mountain bike -nordic walking.

The route starts from the bridge over the Pordelio Canal and crosses the historic centre of Treporti with its two bell towers. Then goes on looking for enchanting sceneries among the gardens.The open spaces of the lagoon meet with the isles of Burano and St. Francesco in the background, the small ancient village of Prà di Saccagnana, the former convent of Mesole, the succession of fishing valleys and sandbars inhabited by noisy flocks that give stains of color as far as the eye can see. And on to Lio Piccolo, which fascinates with its Romanesque origins.

The way of the forts

Length of 15,5 km, paved terrain, medium difficulty, city bike – mountain bike -nordic walking.

A historical route, an open-air museum circuit that links the fortifications belonging to the 1845-1920 period. Among them, the majestic Amalfi Battery and the Treporti Fort, in Punta Sabbioni. It is possible to visit the renovated Batteria V Pisani, now a museum. Inside there are exhibitions that will lead you to discover the history that connects Cavallino-Treporti to the Great War.

The way of the sunset

Length of 19.9 km, mixed terrain, medium difficulty, city bike – mountain bike -nordic walking.

If we exclude the short stretch of dam that leads to the Pagoda lighthouse, it is also a circular route. Starting from Punta Sabbioni in a counterclockwise direction, we can see: on the right side, the island of Sant’Erasmo,defined at the time of the Serenissima as “the garden of Venice”, the MOSE, the barrier protecting is going to protect Venice from the high water and the superb view of the sea. Leaving the beach, you can immerse yourself in the pinewood of Punta Sabbioni and get lost among forest paths and country roads.

By kayak

Different and characteristic, the kayak trip to discover the lagoon is suitable for your family. A local expert guide, will make you discover the history of the lagoon and its inhabitants.