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Batteria Vettor Pisani

Its construction dates back to the years 1909 – 1912 and was in service during the Great War. Like the other batteries, it was connected by the Decauville narrow-gauge railway network. The Pisani battery was armed more lightly than the Amalfi, with lower range howitzers and of a nineteenth-century conception, so it could not be used to face the war in the Basso Piave front. During the Second World War it housed an anti-aircraft artillery position and, after being abandoned, it was occupied by families of civilians who abandoned it in the last decades of the last century. It takes its name from the Venetian commander Vettor Pisani who defeated the Genoese fleet of Pietro Doria during the Chioggia war in 1380.
The Vettor Pisani battery is today the fulcrum of the “Via dei Forti” route: a museum and a real incubator for events, events and a study center.

Vettor Pisani Museum

Battery V. Pisani, open to the public from 9 July 2017, is experiencing its rebirth today: a museum and a true incubator for events, events and a study center, it is the fulcrum of the path that links the numerous fortifications present in Cavallino-Treporti.

The restoration work carried out on the Battery was in fact designed not only to recover the heritage it represents but also to make it a gateway to the entire historic complex Via dei Forti.

Restored and with new spaces dedicated to exhibitions, inside you can find various exhibitions, each featuring a specific theme linked to the Great War and the territory of Cavallino-Treporti.