WiFi and Infopoint

The WiFi connection service is available throughout the hotel area and at the bar terrace; the system complies with all privacy regulations and does not use cookies for customer profiling.

A powerful fiber-optic line offers customers a fast and secure Internet connection without restrictions up to 50 Mega.

The high-performance antennas installed at our facility comply with European emission regulations and guarantee a stable connection for both 2.4GHz and 5Ghz devices.

Business services are available at the reception for those who need to work even while on vacation.

Connecting is easy, just connect to the WiFi network called “Internet” and enter the userid and password of your ticket. The images show an example of the connection portal and a ticket that can be requested at the reception.

Virtual Infopoint

Hotel Harry’s is pleased to offer its customers this information service called Virtual Infopoint completely free of charge.

Inside you can find all the relevant information about the hotel, its surroundings and Venice and other general information that could make your holiday more enjoyable.

Our staff is available to collect any feedback and advice on how to improve the service.