The importance of "recycling well"

On the occasion of the start of the summer season the Municipal Administration recalls the importance of respecting the environment: attention to environmental issues, teaching, promotion, training and information are fundamental points for the Municipality of Jesolo.

The invitation to citizens, economic operators and guests is to continue to recycle, recycling well, and above all to collaborate with the Administration in promoting the RECYCLING WELL.

The recycling guide is available below. The help that is required of all is to give maximum diffusion to companies and local businesses, accommodation facilities, condominiums.

Paper, cardboard and tetra-pak

YES : Newspapers, notebooks, books, envelopes, clamps, photocopies, sheets, flyers and paper brochures; paper bag; Tetra Pak containers for beverages and food (juices, milk, wine, puree and legumes); cardboard boxes, boxes and boxes; corrugated cardboard; pizza cartons not soiled with food. Please note: paper that is too dirty with food or other materials should not be given along with the paper.

NO : Laminated paper, chemical and oiled; paper and cardboard too dirty with food and other substances

Glass, plastic and cans

YES : Bottles, jars, tubs and containers made of glass, plastic, aluminum and metal; buckets and basins; empty tubes and tubes; cans; cellophane, foil and transparent film; bags, bags, envelopes, shoppers and plastic nets; packages and bags for biscuits, snacks and chips; disposable plastic plates and glasses with no residual contents; empty spray cans; lids, cages and caps.
WARNING: the materials must not contain food or product residues.

NO : Porcelain, ceramic and Pirex, glass cups; crystal; mirrors, glass plates, light bulbs and neon tubes; disposable plastic cutlery; toys and rubber objects

Organic fraction

YES : Kitchen scraps, food scraps, fruit and vegetables, old bread, egg shells; coffee grounds and tea filters; spoiled and expired foods; cut flowers and domestic plants; paper towels; pizza cartons too dirty with food (torn to pieces); litter of small pets.
ATTENTION: close the bags well to avoid bad smells.

NO : Diapers and pads; rags; packaging and packaging.

Dry waste

YES : Dirty rags, rubber; oiled, plasticized and chemical paper; plastic cutlery, glass and crystal glasses; diapers and sanitary towels; syringes and needles with hood; vacuum cleaner bags; small wooden objects, broken toys without electrical or electronic components; ceramic, porcelain and terracotta; highlighters, scissors, pens and pencils; audio and video cassettes, floppy disk, cd.

NO : Bulky and inert; paper, cardboard and Tetra Pak; glass, plastic and cans; organic fraction.