The Hotel

The history of Jesolo

During the Roman Empire the lagoon extended into the area that is now occupied by the city. The lagoon had so many islands the largest was called Equilium, or “city of horses” from which the ancient Jesolo took its name.

A quiet beginning

The beginning of the 20th century sees Jesolo as a small settlement. When the beach grew in popularity as a vacation spot, the Jesolo coastline began to become a summer tourist destination. The residents soon realized the economic potential of the place. The start of what would become one of the tourist centers of northern Italy occurred in the 19th century with the construction of the first public baths. World War II that some wealthy investors have glimpsed as a business opportunity and operated a prime hotel, apartment, campground, and restaurant. From that moment the economic center of the area moved from the hinterland to the sea that everyone knows as Lido di Jesolo.

The Brussolo family

The history of Hotel Harry’s was born in 1960 thanks to the commitment of Mr. Eugenio Beussolo and his wife Nives.

Their idea of ​​hotel structure was to offer their customers a place to spend the summer holidays that was welcoming and familiar, accompanied by good Venetian cuisine thanks to the expert hands of Mrs. Teresa. So it was and still is, after almost 60 years and three generations of the Brussolo family.

In step with the times, the hotel has changed and has been renovated over the years. What has remained unchanged, however, is the particular attention paid to the customer, especially in the simplest gestures: a smile, an informal chat and why not … even a toast with friends.