To be seen


Magnificent place to bring your children but also fascinating for an adult audience. It is located in the Piazza Brescia area, the entrance is subject to charges, and inside you can observe numerous animal species in their natural habitat. Along the way you will meet lizards, salamanders, crocodiles, snakes but also ethereal butterflies that fly free among you. A part then is dedicated to the aquarium with sharks, morays, pirana and the most peaceful and funny penguins.

Sea Life

Exciting journey in the fresh and salty waters of our globe, accompanied by a trained staff, which will give you the opportunity to appreciate and learn about the variety of creatures that inhabit them. Seahorses, rays, sharks, clown fish, are just some of the species that you will be able to observe and interact with. It could also be a pleasant location for your children’s birthday.

Vettor Pisani Museum

Battery V. Pisani, open to the public from 9 July 2017, is experiencing its rebirth today: a museum and a real incubator for events, events and a study center, it is the fulcrum of the path that links the numerous fortifications in Cavallino-Treporti with one another.

The restoration work carried out on the Battery was in fact designed not only to recover the heritage it represents but also to make it a gateway to the entire historic complex Via dei Forti.

Restored and with new spaces dedicated to exhibitions, inside you can find various exhibitions, each featuring a specific theme linked to the Great War and the territory of Cavallino-Treporti.