At the Harry’s Hotel small dogs are allowed, the management reserves the right to evaluate the stay at the time of booking.

Bau Bau Beach

Less than 15 minutes by car you can reach the Bau Bau Beach, a beach equipped for our four-legged friends. The establishment is open to the public from 8.00 to 19.00. Access to and transit on the state-owned sandy shore and use of the dedicated water mirror is permitted from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm.

Bau Bau Beach regulation

Access to the state-owned sandy shore of accompanied dogs and the use of the water mirror is permitted only to dogs identified by microchip or tattooed, subject to acceptance by reception and delivery of the identification bracelet to the conductor. All dogs must be up to date with distemper vaccination, leptospirosis and parvovirus. This vaccination is mandatory and must be certified by the veterinary certification (passport – health card). The BAU BAU BEACH staff will verify the relevant documentation and report any irregularities to the competent authorities.

In order to access the state-owned beach, the dog must be leaded on a leash with a minimum length of 1.5 m and must be equipped with flea collar or equivalent anti-parasite device.

The owner / holder of the dog must be equipped with a rigid or soft muzzle without the obligation that the dog wear it.

Bathing of the dog is permitted only with the simultaneous presence of its holder and exclusively within the dedicated water mirror identified by the appropriate buoys. Bathing will be regulated by the BAU BAU BEACH reception.

The owner / holder must take responsibility for promptly removing any solid waste and then depositing it in the appropriate containers. It will also have to disperse the liquid ones.

As far as possible, the owner / holder of the dog must avoid prolonged barking and excessively lively behavior of the dog, under penalty of being dismissed at the discretion of the BAU BAU BEACH staff.

Dogs must never be left unattended and / or free to roam within the structure and must always be conducted using the appropriate leash. The civil and criminal liability for any damage caused by the dog to things and / or persons will be exclusively of the owner / holder of the animal.

failure to comply with these regulations will result in immediate removal from the BAU BAU BEACH plant.

In the event of non-compliance with mandatory regulations by law (for example lack of microchips or vaccinations) or serious behavior (dog maltreatment, etc.) the BAU BAU BEACH staff reserves the right to immediately contact the competent administrative and health authorities – POLICE LOCAL, CAPITANERIA DI PORTO – ULSS.